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Welcome to my Blog! Here you’ll find posts about my life, inspiration I find on the way, and of course, writing updates, excerpts, and cover reveals! I’ll even be reviewing books I read (if you’re here for movies I’m into, check Monster thoughts). Grab your tea (or coffee) and stay awhile!

Blood Talk: Enchanters!

Good evening beautiful people!

ICYMI: Blood Talk: Vampires! & Blood Talk: Lycans! are the previous installments leading up to this one.

What are we discussing today?


They are my version of witches and wizards, though they simply Enchant things to benefit the other Creatures. They enchant rings for the Vampires to use in order for them to walk upon the surface, and be amongst humans, and they enchant other objects for other Creatures to use though that isn’t really shown in the series, just barely touched upon.

Now, compared to the Vampires and Lycans they sound pretty dull, don’t they? I thought so too while writing the first three books (as they are immensely Vampire and Elite Creature heavy), but I knew it was time (in writing the fourth book: The Phoenixes of the Nest), to showcase their true power and what they can really do.

Though it is hinted at in one of my favorite scenes in the entire series in Book 2: THE IMMORTAL’S GUIDE that MOST if not ALL of the Enchanters in the World are NOT happy about their lot in life, taking care of the Vampires essentially and this unhappiness, as it is wont to do, boils over to epic proportions later in the series.

Now, without further ado, let me show you guys an excerpt of Book 1: THE DARK WORLD just to give you a little taste of my witches and wizards and how they operate in this anxiety-driven world I’ve created:

The whooshing of the wind claimed his attention and he looked up just in time to see two large figures flying overhead, their blue and black cloaks flapping wildly.
They landed with no sound at all upon the pavement.
“This is not normally our job—”
“Never been asked to do it before—”
“But General Vonderheide requests your presence at his
“Instantly, it would seem—”
“Rather important—”
“Very grave—”
Xavier stared at the Vampires, the words, “Mess-Cleaned
Section of Powers” emblazoned on the badges pinned to their cloaks.
“Victor requests my presence?” he clarified. It was hard to understand them. They jumped on each other’s sentences, finishing the previous one for the other.
“Most grave,” the taller of the two repeated.
“Of what priority would you say this is?”
The shorter of the two, with a small face and short red hair, pulled out a small piece of paper from his cloak. He cleared his throat, reading it with the air of someone addressing Dracula himself:

Is it not something I can discuss in front of the Erasers, Xavier, but you must go to my home the moment the Erasers have read you this note. Lillith will be there, filling you in on what has happened. I, after acquiring the Erasers to locate you, am heading to Damion’s manor. I fear the human woman is in grave danger. And yes, she’s been found Xavier. All will be explained by Lillith, I’m sure.
“General Victor Vonderheide,
“Secondary Lord of the Vampire Order

The Eraser folded the small piece of paper and stuffed it back into a pocket of his cloak, and the taller of the two said, “I would imagine, Lord Xavier, that it is of grave urgency that you arrive at Victor’s manor. According to the note, of course.”
His green eyes flashed and he was just closing them when the shorter of the two spoke, “No my Lord, you must not transport there! We will fly with you. We are not able to transport under Code Twelve of Dracula’s Distinct and Direct Orders for all Vampires.” Then, as if being pressed to recite Code Twelve, the short Vampire said, “The Erasers, who reside on the surface, are not to transport—it requires a vast amount of blood not to be expended with exception of dire emergency.”

Enchanters sat beneath the Fae, and his eyes lingered there most of all: He had never seen so many in one place. They wore long gowns made of unidentifiable fabric, a mixture of men and woman, their eyes all a misty black, much different from the color that existed within the Enchanters’ eyes back at the bar. They were not speaking to each other as the other Creatures were; they were all very stoic and stone-faced, perhaps rather uncomfortable at the fact that Vampires sat several benches below.

Enchanters are easily one of my favorite Creatures, (aside from Vampires) but are only seconded by my love for Dragons.

Calm down, Dragons are coming next week!

But for now, I’ll leave you with a Vampire Dracula had magic taught to in order to give himself a leg up against the Lycans: Nathanial Vivery.

I absolutely adore this character and think it so poignant that the first time Xavier Delacroix meets him, Nathanial merely smiles down at him with a steady coolness that Xavier once possessed before all these secrets and madness is revealed to him.

When he reached them, they swung open, a hard-looking man standing there, hands splayed against the wood of the doors, his deep, golden eyes narrowing: He looked out beyond the falling snow, apparently searching for something. His short red hair flew every which way atop his head, a bit of it moving over his eyes despite his persistence in finding whatever it was he was looking for out in the snow.
Xavier cleared his throat.
The man looked down, his golden eyes widening. “Xavier Delacroix?” he asked, his voice fairly light, but filled with something else Xavier couldn’t make sense of.
“I am,” he said.
The man stepped aside, allowing him entry, and he jumped up onto the hard floor. “Dracula’s been here for a few minutes, now, wondering when you’d arrive.”
Xavier paid no heed to his words, for he was far too busy staring at the multitude of Creatures that walked around the modest hall:
An Enchanter swept past, his flowing dark-purple robes leaving a faint trail of what looked like dust in his wake. A Satyr hobbled by on its hind hooves, its black eyes gleaming in the light of several torches placed around the room.
The strange man led him deeper, passing a couple of Garden Gnomes fighting amongst themselves over what looked to be a seed.

As you can see, I absolutely adore fantasy and am looking to always read more of it where I can (when work and class doesn’t get in the way that is!).

With my love of fantasy, I’ve included everyone’s favorite Creatures, Elves, in my series. But these Elves are not much liked by the Creatures in the Dark World, though that wasn’t always the case…

What happened to cause the Elves to fall out of favor with the other magical Creatures? You’ll have to read my next blog post to find out!

With Blood and Love,

S.C. Parris

and Happy Thanksgiving!

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