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Short Story: A Vampire’s Mistake Part 4 (Final)

Link to A Vampire’s Mistake Parts 1, 2, & 3

Equipped with the massive news that Desmond had had them go up against this…ultimate leader’s command, he left his master, left the cave, and ventured once more to the surface, resolute on finding the woman, burning with a stronger desire to capture her…to kill her before she could be turned….

The cold wind of the night whipped at his face and hair but he ignored it wholly, the image of the woman burned into his vision. With this image, he allowed himself to locate her through nothing, through everything—

He opened his eyes once more and found he stood on an empty street and stared up at a worn, apparently abandoned warehouse. There was utter silence along the street and within the warehouse, yet he knew she was within those dark walls…the smell of her blood was thick in the air.

Trying not to think of the possibility that he had wasted too much time in hesitating, he stepped past the torn gates and onto the dead grass that littered the large yard. Yes, her blood was thick through the air: the closer he ventured to the looming warehouse doors, the thicker her scent drifted through his nose.

When he arrived just before the doors and reached out a hand to slide one back, the shrill scream hit his ears and he froze. The words he’d read several minutes ago rang through his head beneath the scream:

If this woman is ever turned into a Vampire, she will not allow the Vampire that turned her to rule over her…but instead, she shall gain miraculous power and become a tyrant over the coven that took her in as their own…. And…she will kill them—

Along with every other coven in the vicinity,” the familiar words rang through his head next.

“No,” he whispered desperately pulling open the warehouse door. His strength was such that the large door dislodged from its frame and fell to the dirty warehouse floor and all the Vampires that were circled around the woman along the floor turned and glared at the sudden noise.

Vincent recognized Thomas immediately and it was him he started for. He could not recall running toward the Vampire, but he was suddenly aware he was just before him, hands at his throat, thumbs pressed into his veins—

And then many hands were upon him, clawing at his arms and back, his face, pulling him off the Vampire, and it was with a terrible scream that he realized the blade of a dagger had been placed in his back.

As it was removed, all Vampires that had encircled him stepped away and he wondered just why they did so until he realized, the piercing pain he had felt when the blade had entered him was not dispersing as the blade had been removed shortly afterward.

There he crawled on hands and knees, his eyes wide with the shock of pain, the confusion of the events spanning before his very eyes….

There she lay behind Thomas’s feet; blood spilled out around her, her neck bloodied, the two pinpricks showing themselves, and there was even blood upon her lips—

He gasped as the pain increased to new heights and a boot was pressed to his back causing him to fall flat on his stomach. As the cry left his lips, Thomas, who had been glaring down upon him as he writhed in pain, said, “Yes, Vampire, you are too late. Your mistake was letting me walk away with her…your mistake was never biting her and turning her yourself. And now you shall die…and she…she shall rise and—”

Yet his words were cut, for at that precise moment, the very woman he spoke of began to stir. All Vampires let out awed gasps and murmurs of excitement yet Vincent could not let out a sound more than a whimper. Blood left his lips in earnest…and the pain…the pain was far too great. It made no sense, he thought as he lay there, staring up at the woman as she slowly sat up, opening her now-red-eyes to stare around her in renewed wonder. It made no sense…no mere dagger should cause him to feel such pain…it had to be…something else…something else he did not understand as it seemed there were many….

He saw through blurry eyes as she rose to her feet, and vaguely felt all the Vampires around him step further away from him, from her….

Thomas’s voice loomed distantly above his head then, “You…are beautiful…my swe—”

“You,” she said in a soft voice, and even through his pain, Vincent felt he had to stare up at the creature who spoke so commandingly, “were the one who turned me.” It was not a question.

“I…I was,” he said slowly, and even through his blurred vision, Vincent could make out the now scared expression upon Thomas’s face.

She extended a hand to him and Thomas hesitated before walking toward her.

Vincent choked on his plea to Thomas to run from her as more blood left his lips and he watched in vague horror as the woman clasped a slender pale hand around Thomas’s neck and pressed, crushing his spine with the simple gesture.

Thomas hung limp from her hand and all Vampires now stepped away from her in earnest, seeing that she was apparently not the power possessor they had hoped she would be.

As she flung Thomas to the floor and advanced upon the others, Vincent could no longer keep his eyes open, he could no longer strain to look up and see what was happening….

His head dropped to the ground, his eyes closed just as she passed by him, the distant click of her heels along the warehouse floor resounding faintly in his head.

He was gone before the screams echoed through the night.

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