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New Fantasy Series. Pirates and Vampires?

So I’ve been struggling with JUDGMENT if you haven’t been paying attention to my most recent writing-related tweets, and after talking with fellow author Elana Mudgan about our books and fantasy in general, I’m really eager to get started on the fantasy series that I started to write during finishing up THE DARK WORLD series.


If you’ve followed me for a while, you know I’ve been writing a mercenary/pirate story for a long time. Well now, I’ve decided to put JUDGMENT on the side and focus my time on Sinner Sharpe.

A lot of changes are taking place.

For one, he’s no longer a by-the-numbers white man with brown hair (aren’t there enough of those?). I’ve been visualizing him as a dark-skinned, long-haired (thick black locks) muscular man…with fangs. (spoiler!)

I’m eager to continue writing it and expanding on what’s already there.

I can tell you that this tale of his documents the start of his…darker journeys as a mercenary.

He’s traveling on some dark waters to his next target last I left him and there are tales of this place. Disturbing tales of beings called Blood Demons.

I started making the map of the land he’s traveling to and have shared a sneak peek below.

Sneak peek of the map of the land Sinner Sharpe must travel to.

Sneak peek of the map of the land Sinner Sharpe must travel to.

It’s not complete, but it’s a start. I imagine as the story goes on I’ll flesh it out as places and the land comes to me. But it’s a complete difference for me having the map being made while I’m writing. Keeps me on track. I plan to keep Sin and his men on this damaged island for the majority of the book where they’ll face terrible trials attempting to get their kill.

I’m excited to work on the lore of this world seriously and with more depth and continuity than I did with THE DARK WORLD series.

Though this may mean querying will take a bit longer, I’m happy to be writing something I’m actually interested in!

‘Till next time!

With Blood and Love,

S.C. Parris

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