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Excitement in an Old WiP & Black Faces in Fantasy Literature

But upon coming back to it the other day I did, I remember reading over my work and thinking, "Why isn't she [the MC with all the knowledge and power], black?" There was no reason she couldn't be after all, and I'd been inspired by all of the covers with black protagonists I'd seen in the fantasy section of Barnes and Noble, understanding an apt confusion for readers when they would see my DARK WORLD series and not see any black characters on the covers, though there are black characters in the world.

Incoming Husky and Ending Semester
So I'm getting a Husky (tomorrow) (and yes it looks like the picture below, except a puppy) (YAY)and finishing up school hence the lack of proper blog posts. Not much to write here, but I've been super busy outlining and Have you been writing and/or reading? If so, what? I do need some new books […]
Future Books
Writing is back in full swing! In order (unless otherwise stated), these are the books I'm working on at any given time to publish within the next three or so years: The Immortal's Guide - Delacroix Series (The swirling cold air surrounded him as he flew forever upward, the Enchanter breaking cold air alongside him, […]
Expanding Outlets and Individual Facebook Pages
So I'm on Goodreads (finally), I've updated my Amazon Author Central Page, and I've added separate Facebook pages for The Dark World, Judgment, and soon to be The Rather Depressing Tales of Patricia L. Bordeaux, and The Immortal's Guide. I'm expanding and making former maybe ideas into something much more concrete! If you're on Goodreads, […]
Understanding Writing Style
Being in a creative writing class has made me realize (if, only more so), my writing style and how it differs (and is similar to) my peers in the class. I've written short stories for the class thus far, two poems, and naturally, my inclination was to write, or share, my previously written work, or […]
Quick Post: Judgment Release Date Announced Soon!
So thanks to my lovely writing friend Lindsey R. Sablowski, I've decided to go ahead and publish Judgment, a novel I was originally going to wait until I'd finished The Delacroix Series to publish. Set for Spring 2013 (for now), I'll post more information about it as it arises. For now, I've posted a full […]