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Welcome to my Blog! Here you’ll find posts about my life, inspiration I find on the way, and of course, writing updates, excerpts, and cover reveals! I’ll even be reviewing books I read (if you’re here for movies I’m into, check Monster thoughts). Grab your tea (or coffee) and stay awhile!

Writing and B-Fest and Editing, Oh My!

Forgive me, once again, for shirking my duties in continuing this blog. Funnily enough, now that school is back, I find myself more compelled to write.

Write DRACULA: BOOK 6, write essays for my classes (nearing ever closer to that degree, you see), and write future projects I started way before THE DARK WORLD SERIES was ever published.

Writing this was quite challenging. My most challenging book to date.

Writing this was quite challenging. My most challenging book to date.


Besides all of this writing, I’ve been asked to speak on a panel at my local Barnes and Noble for B-Fest, the YA-oriented festival where YA authors speak at bookstores and hold events for readers. While I don’t write YA, I couldn’t pass up the chance when asked to talk about the creative process, that is, my characters, plot, and connecting plots in a series. And who doesn’t love talking to complete strangers about their work?! 😀

It will be my first panel ever and I’m beyond excited to speak on it! I’ll try to get someone to take pictures and record so everyone can see it on my Instagram and Facebook and be apart of the delicious madness.

Now, though this isn’t a “Blood Talk” series post, I will interrupt the updates on my projects to talk a bit about the editing process of my most recent book. Now, if you’re friends with me on Facebook, you undoubtedly know about my frustration with the editing process, which I chalk up, ultimately, to my naivety on the subject. This is my first series and I will only get better. That said, in my humble opinion, THE GOBLET is the absolutely best-edited book in the series and I’m beyond proud of its addition to my lovely readers’ (Dark Creatures’) shelves in November.

It’s an excellent reminder to not get oneself down and to keep pushing on, no matter what your goals. Especially in writing. To all of you writing that new or next book, you can do it. If a 16-year-old girl can do it, trust me, you can too!

And I’m always here for a chat; you can shoot me a message anywhere and I will drop what I’m doing and respond as soon as I can. We’re all in this together and there’s no need to get lost in the throes of dark thoughts (however much I love darkness and death in a literary sense, I don’t quite favor it in real life). I’m a firm believer that we can get through anything as resilient as we humans are.

Now, I’m off to continue DRACULA.

What are you off to do? Read anything amazing lately? I want to know all about it!

Stay wonderfully broody my lovely Creatures, and remember,

With Blood and Love,

I’m S.C. Parris

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