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Welcome to my Blog! Here you’ll find posts about my life, inspiration I find on the way, and of course, writing updates, excerpts, and cover reveals! I’ll even be reviewing books I read (if you’re here for movies I’m into, check Monster thoughts). Grab your tea (or coffee) and stay awhile!

A Little Life Happens Along The Way


loreI don’t mean to wax poetic today, but I haven’t gotten much writing done on my current WiP, The Two Swords (writing about the Lycans and where they’ve ended up), and the day took a bit of a nose dive after I cooked myself lunch. (Fried chicken cutlet and brown rice and black beans, with a side of potato salad. Yum.)

But with alone time (my boyfriend is at work), comes thoughts, and thoughts, in my experience, often leads to over thinking, which leads to meditation, which leads to maybe a nap, or more meditation. In this case, it was both.

When I’m feeling lost, or just particularly not that jazzed about life or what I’ve done or what I’m doing, I do tend to daze off and fester in that ‘sad feeling,’ but I’ve been really proud of myself lately, for simply getting up and getting out of my head. (This has been a life long problem for me.)

Today, for example, I went to the store to get some much needed groceries for the house, and when I came home I cooked myself the meal mentioned above.

Simple things like that can sustain me. And not spending all my time in my room definitely helps. (I’ve moved downstairs since I’ve started writing this post.) I find spending time in a different space is wonderful – helps refresh the mind and such.

I’ve got dinner in the oven, and I’m currently watching WWE RAW (wrestling is amazing entertainment and if you don’t believe me, watch one match and tell me two men trying to harm each other into submission isn’t the best thing you’ve ever seen.) Going to tackle some more of The Two Swords after I eat and devour some much needed tea.

We can suffer from anxiety/depression/etc., but we do not have to let it control our lives, year, month, week, day, hour, or second. We can choose to move on. We can choose to get up and do something. We can choose to put our anxieties toward productive activities.

As a writer, who is often in her mind, she had to figure this out the hard way, but there is nothing like diving into ones work (whatever that may be), or simply giving oneself much needed rest.

Keep your bite and relax (if you need to), or get to work (if you need to, as well),


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