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When One Chapter Ends…

I've recently taken some necessary steps to turn the next page or chapter of my life if you will, and as such I feel so much more refreshed, focused, and hmm...very much like a writer.

That writing part of myself was stamped down until recently, wallowing beneath some sort of veil I couldn't lift over excruciatingly tired eyes. I was exhausted, mentally more than physically.

But I didn't really know how depressed I was until I had a turning point, realizing where I was in my life wasn't where I needed to be for happiness sake. 

My Review of Animosity by James Newman | Other Reads: Sad Wings of Destiny & Tentyrian Legacy

I recently finished Animosity by James Newman. I wrote up a review on Goodreads. But I will post it here for your viewing pleasure: Animosity by James Newman My rating: 4 of 5 stars The horror that exists when those you once said ‘hello’…

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A New Chapter

  It’s been a long, long, long, long, long journey from writing that first horrible draft of The Dark World to actually signing a 5 book deal with the fantastic Permuted Press, for the entire series. I’ve always been a self-starter,…

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In class today, instead of focusing on the film being shown, I got a spark of inspiration for the third book in my vampire series – The Two Swords. The beginning at least. And as much as I can say…

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After a very eventful past couple days, I must say things have turned around drastically. For one I was contacted today by Permuted Press via phone and they expressed great enthusiasm for The Dark World and to work with them…

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  Do you crawl in a ball and let yourself rest? Or are you determined to push past it and carry on with your day knowing it’s going to bring you further down later? And for the women reading, do…

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