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Guest Blog Feature by the lovely Kindra Sowder

My soon to be best friend, Kindra Sowder featured me in a guest blog post earlier today. Since the book isn’t out yet, it’s nothing more than a mere author bio and a former blurb for The Dark World: Book…

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Interview from Romania!

On Goodreads, I got this message: And replied back in the positive (of course)! Here’s the interview! (His book-review blog is all mostly in Romanian.) 1. Describe yourself in a word. Ambitious 2. What’s your favourite book/author? Harry Potter and…

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Interview With A Fan

A fellow fan wanted to interview me and I thought it’d be a great idea so here it is. Fan: How are you this evening, Ms. Parris? Me: I’m a bit under the weather but I’m pressing on. Thank you.…

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