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Mornings And The Animals That Inhabit Them

A groggy pressure poured over my brain as I opened my eyes to a dismal, rain-soaked morning. My neck ached with the pangs of wrongful sleep, and somewhere in my head, the horrible dream replayed. I could barely relive it…

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Blurb Writing

Quick post before I go cook dinner for myself and the boyfriend. So an hour ago or so, I started to write the blurb for The Two Swords, because I grew tired of staring at a mostly blank screen on…

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#Day In The Life

Dog: (padding underneath my radiator with his paw, inadvertently swiping at notebooks and a bag)Me: No. No. No. Xavier. No. -Dog bone emerges from underneath radiator with continued swiping.- Dog: (keeps swiping until dog bone is acquired. Puts dog bone…

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