What's In It:

A powerful witch seeks another to help stop the vampires

Problem is, the man she seeks doesn't know he has power. the vampires do.

He's a Lawyer for a Corporate Firm - the very Firm that's suddenly acquired a blood bank run by vampires...and werewolves?

Sylvia has to uncover what exactly is going on while keeping her new ward safe, the vampires away, and her mind off how much she wants This Lawyer in her bed...


Urban Fantasy | Paranormal Romance

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The New Year & A New Focus On My Vampires
I'm choosing, with this round of storytelling, to dive into 'harder topics,' and things I want to write about. I want to give my worlds more nuance, my characters more stakes, and hopefully more heart. I write for everyone but I cannot deny my experiences--Black experiences--are what have shaped me and should shape my writing. I'm adamant about this because of the erasure of my Black characters in THE DARK WORLD series by white readers.
Quick Update! Writing Up A Storm And Creating New Content
This will be super short as my lengthier posts are now on my patreon, but I just wanted to say that I am still writing if you’re not keeping up with me on Twitter, and I’m writing quite a bit.I’m currently working on DRACULA: Book 6 of The Dark World series and as of this […]
This Short Story Has Gripped Me (Here’s a Sneak Peek!)

I just as in JUST NOW started writing the short story THE UNWANTED GUEST, this is that haunted house short story I said I was gonna write like a year ago. I’m finally get around to it. Before this, though, there were three other fairly short in both length and depth stories that I wrote for the month of October to get new readers.

But this one, the haunted house one, it’s different from the jump.