The Tales of Sinner Sharpe

Dark Waters

Mercenaries on "One last big job"

Hardened Merc With A Troubled Past That Comes Back To Haunt Him In More Ways Than One

Magic System



Dark Fantasy | Horror | Gothic horror


90K Words

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The Dark of Ancestry
I've been exploring the ancestry in the second book of SINNER SHARPE's story. However, this story explores Dagger's ancestry, whereas book one was solely focused on Sinner's (admittedly dark) ancestry.
Gothic Horror And Inspiration
It was always my intention as of late, with Sinner Sharpe to delve into the horror he's facing--not physical horror--at least not yet, but the mental horror. He's seeing horrific visions, he's losing large gaps of time, he's being attacked on his ship (an already enclosed space) for weeks.
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