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Welcome to my Blog! Here you'll find posts about my life, inspiration I find on the way, and of course, writing updates, excerpts, and cover reveals! I'll even be reviewing books I read (if you're here for movies I'm into, check Monster thoughts). Grab your tea (or coffee) and stay awhile!

Quick Update! Writing Up A Storm And Creating New Content

Quick Update! Writing Up A Storm And Creating New Content!

This will be super short as my lengthier posts are now on my patreon, but I just wanted to say that I am still writing if you’re not keeping up with me on Twitter, and I’m writing quite a bit.

I’m currently working on DRACULA: Book 6 of The Dark World series and as of this writing, I am on Chapter 16.

I’m also working on JUDGMENT, my urban fantasy romance and I’m on Chapter 15 with that (decidedly shorter chapters than on DRACULA, which is an epic fantasy).

And lastly, I’ve resumed working on THE TALES OF SINNER SHARPE: DARK WATERS as of yesterday, and I’ve reached Chapter 2 on that.

I don’t normally have my hands in so many pots when it comes to writing, but I’ve learned to juggle my writing skill between projects (as I had to do with a recent internship and with my Multicultural English Literature academic career). I’m a bonafide writer. All this writing is only making me much more confident in my skills and even with the short story collection I put out in October, my ability to juggle different stories was greatly strengthened by that little self-given project.

I’m never doing something like that again though. At least not for the foreseeable future.

My strength lies in long form prose – namely fantasies of a larger nature.

I like big books, I cannot lie.

I’ve also started a new blog called Monster Thoughts where I write my more focused, horror/fantasy-based articles and analysis down for free (the longer, more extensive stuff is $2/month on my Patreon). I wanted to do something more in line with what I learned in my internship and with my degree, but also have it be something I actually love. (I really love talking about monsters. Watching horror movies, reading horror/fantasy books, and discussing the origins and effects these creations have on us as people, our psyches.) I have a few authors tapped to contribute to the blog and I’m really excited for it to start taking off.

So please check it out if you have the time, and if you want to contribute, you can read the FAQ page before you fill out the form.

With Blood and Love,

S.C. Parris

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Title: Sinner Sharpe: Dark Waters

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