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I Realize I Never Did A Cover-Reveal On My Own Blog

He captured all the nuances of each book beautifully, and his attention to detail to character is astounding. I'm extremely happy with them.

Just so no one's confused, however, I will say that these books follow a group of characters, as such there are scene dividers and threads of everyone's story as the series progresses.

When You Should Be Writing But

I feel we owe it to ourselves, as writers, or people who want to be writers or people who are aspiring to be published, to start putting our ideas down seriously. Sure, we're screaming into a void and it's just as likely no one is listening or even screaming back, but we do it anyway. Maybe because we need to, maybe because it's all we know. Or we're drunk. Either way, it's something we do.

Finals, Writing, and Anxiety
Fitting that this be my 100th post, it being about the end of things, as it were. No, I'm not ending this blog, but I am ending this semester at college (it's finals week, hence my lack of blogging, and writing. For shame, I know), and for a while now I've been holed up in […]
Interview from Romania!
On Goodreads, I got this message: And replied back in the positive (of course)! Here's the interview! (His book-review blog is all mostly in Romanian.) 1. Describe yourself in a word. Ambitious 2. What's your favourite book/author? Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows by J.K. Rowling but my favorite author, I'd say is Edgar Allan […]
Future Books
Writing is back in full swing! In order (unless otherwise stated), these are the books I'm working on at any given time to publish within the next three or so years: The Immortal's Guide - Delacroix Series (The swirling cold air surrounded him as he flew forever upward, the Enchanter breaking cold air alongside him, […]
Expanding Outlets and Individual Facebook Pages
So I'm on Goodreads (finally), I've updated my Amazon Author Central Page, and I've added separate Facebook pages for The Dark World, Judgment, and soon to be The Rather Depressing Tales of Patricia L. Bordeaux, and The Immortal's Guide. I'm expanding and making former maybe ideas into something much more concrete! If you're on Goodreads, […]
It’s The First Day Of October: The Immortal’s Guide is 30 Days Away!
The title of this post says it all! I'm so excited! I am still writing it but I'm practically done, just a matter of editing and getting someone to proofread. Keep your bite! -S.C. Parris
The Immortal's Guide is coming along well and as the deadline fast approaches, I'm inclined to step back and reflect on my journey writing The Dark World, how far I've come, and where The Immortal's Guide takes my characters, and the apparent (and not so apparent) themes that have undoubtedly sprouted up in the time of […]
Character of the Week: Eleanor Lucretia Black
Character of the Week has been updated on the website! The previous Character of the Week, Xavier, has been placed in the forums in its respective place under Xavier's name. And if you don't feel like trekking over to the website, I'll just leave Eleanor's mini bio here: