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The Dark World: Book 1 is Free — No More!
Jan 17th, 2023 – EDIT: THE DARK WORLD: BOOK 1 is no longer free but you can read snippet of the book on Amazon as well as pick up the ebook cheaper at my shop for only $1.99!
Get To Know Alexandria Stone
When I first wrote THE DARK WORLD at sixteen and fashioned the “impossible” woman that was Alexandria Stone into my book’s reality, the idea of Dracula having a lineage whose special blood must be honed and protected made sense. A lot of the story of THE DARK WORLD is based, yes, on blood. That’s why, […]
Get To Know Xavier Delacroix
If you completely missed the tweet of me freaking out over the art the lovely  @feyspeaker  made of one of the main characters in THE DARK WORLD series the other day, you missed almost crying about how wonderful the art came out.It was so serendipitous to receive the finished artwork while on stream. Because of […]
The Dark World & Reviews

This is going to be kind of short as I’m in my library at school and want to get back to writing before I head to my next class (stay in school kids!), but I just wanted to share some reviews with you guys that I’ve received for THE DARK WORLD: BOOK 1 recently.

Blood Talk: Elves!

These Elves were banished to beneath the Etrian Hills by Dracula for their attack on the Vampire City some 3 years from the first book’s start. They are very ridiculed and have had their weapons taken from them, but they are still granted their magic by Dracula and the Council of Creatures.

Blood Talk: Enchanters!
Good evening beautiful people! ICYMI: Blood Talk: Vampires! & Blood Talk: Lycans! are the previous installments leading up to this one. What are we discussing today? Enchanters! They are my version of witches and wizards, though they simply Enchant things to benefit the other Creatures. They enchant rings for the Vampires to use in order […]
Blood Talk: Lycans!
Hello lovelies! I’m S.C. Parris and this is a continuation on my Blood Talk Blog series: Vampires, where I talk more about the mythical creatures/monsters that appear in my series, and today’s topic are those vicious, blood-fueled beasts we all love (or love to hate for me), Lycans. Now, when starting to write THE DARK […]
Blood Talk: Vampires!

People often ask me why I chose to write about Vampires, and my answer always is: I didn’t choose to write about Vampires; they chose me.

As I’ve said on this blog before, my mother is to blame (or thank) for my avid interest in all things Dark. She would watch all the old horror movies while pregnant with me, and I guess some of it rubbed off on the little premature baby inside. 

Anyway, Vampires are hypnotic, sexy, cruel, damned, monstrous, needy, and, I think, necessary.  

The Dark World is OUT!

The Dark World (the series in its entirety), is me laid bare. All my anxieties, my fears, my struggles with low self-esteem, the need for often constant approval from family and friends and romantic relationships, are represented in various characters, situations, and dialogue. Though one would be hard-pressed to find a character that directly represents someone in my life, they are all there, mixed in my colorful cast of Vampires, Lycans, Enchanters, Dragons, Merpeople, Elves, and Elite Creatures.

I hope those that deal with anxiety and/or depression recognize these ailments in my characters and understand this is not a ‘fun, light-hearted journey,’ this is a maddening tale, a fairytale I call it.