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Interview from Romania!
On Goodreads, I got this message: And replied back in the positive (of course)! Here’s the interview! (His book-review blog is all mostly in Romanian.) 1. Describe yourself in a word. Ambitious 2. What’s your favourite book/author? Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows by J.K. Rowling but my favorite author, I’d say is Edgar Allan […]
Interview With A Fan
A fellow fan wanted to interview me and I thought it’d be a great idea so here it is. Fan: How are you this evening, Ms. Parris? Me: I’m a bit under the weather but I’m pressing on. Thank you. Fan: I have finished reading the first book in the series, titled The Dark World, […]
Sneak Peek of Something Great!
Since I’m at college right now, I’ll post more about my interview with Before Sunrise Press if I can get my hands on a computer before I get home today. Weee! Keep your bite! -S.C. Parris
Books and Tea: Meet the Members | S.C. Parris – Northern Plunder

I got to be apart of a cool introductory post feature on an awesome person’s (Lauren) blog. It’s for her online book club: Books and Tea through Discord.

Guest Blog Feature by the lovely Kindra Sowder
My soon to be best friend, Kindra Sowder featured me in a guest blog post earlier today. Since the book isn’t out yet, it’s nothing more than a mere author bio and a former blurb for The Dark World: Book 1, but according to Kindra, it seems to be drawing a lot of attention to […]
Interview With Before Sunrise Press for my vampiric-period piece “A Night of Frivolity”!
Check out my interview with Before Sunrise Press below or click the picture to go directly to their website! Recently our staff interviewer, Billie Watts, sat down with S.C. Parris to discuss her upcoming Before Sunrise Press release, “A Night of Frivolity” – available on Kindle and in other eBook formats, April 18. Before Sunrise […]
Interview with Nostrovia! Poetry!
You can read the interview on their website here, but for those of you not too keen on clicking links, here’s the interview in its entirety below: Tell us a little bit about your writing career. I’ve self-published two stories, entitled, The Dark World, and The Immortal’s Guide respectively. They are a part of a […]